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Diaper Wetting, Messing and Masturbation Play Along
Diaper Wetting, Messing and Masturbation Play Along

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I am wearing my big, thick, white diaper - are you wearing yours? You can barely see it bulging under my dress but you can hear the fabric rubbing and making that distinct diaper sound. 

I decide I want to be naughty in my diaper and I have to use the bathroom really bad. I convince you to play along with me in your own diaper and we begin to have sexy, playful fun together. 

I walk you through wetting, farting, smelling, filling, rubbing and humping and we do it all together. I show you peeks of my diaper filling and eventually we take them off and show each other our messy asses. 

I wipe the huge brown, sticky mess off myself with the dirty diaper and we make plans to get together and have diapered fun again!