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Diarrhea during REAL Work Skype Meeting :/ fml
Diarrhea during REAL Work Skype Meeting :/ fml

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Often I work from home which is GREAT for allowing me some time during 'breaks' to make naughty clips and today was a work from home day! 

I wasn't going in at all this day so I was totally in an old t-shirt and loungey around-the-house clothes. I was with my coworkers discussing business in an online meeting and had the extremely sudden urge to GO. There was no waiting that's for sure. I HOPEFULLY muted myself in the meeting and ran to the can! 

I pop my phone on to film and laugh at my situation as I push out a HUGE LONG turd into the toilet. I wipe and wonder if I really am on mute :/ Maybe I won't flush in case they can hear. 

I come back to the toilet again later in the meeting, feeling that grumbling urgency again. Even though I thoroughly emptied myself the first time, I have to go again :( I push more out and wipe again, using some baby wipes to really clean the mess. 

You can hear my coworkers in the meeting the whole time! They had no idea I hope :P