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Eat My Chocolate Chip Poopy Cookies
Eat My Chocolate Chip Poopy Cookies

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I know you are hungry for more of my shit. I am ready to prepare some nasty chocolate chip cookies filled with my shit for you. I stand naked in my bathroom ready to unload my secret ingredient to fill up chocolate chip cookies for you, my toilet pig, to eat up to please me. Admire my smooth round ass, and watch as my tight asshole opens up and pours out shit. I wipe up my dirty asshole with cute cotton panties. I get dressed and go outside to bake filled cookies. I fill the chocolate chip cookies with my Goddess shit as the center filling. I allow you to see the cookies as they go in the oven and then once they are baked and ready to eat. My poo filled treats are best when washed down with a bottle of my nectar! Yummy eat up my chocolate poopy cookies my toilet piggy! Enjoy this early video from my scat collection. Eat all my Goddess shit!