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Eat Out of My Bulging White Satin Panties
Eat Out of My Bulging White Satin Panties

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I'm wearing really nice white satin silky panties today and they are very stretchy. I show off the smooth luxurious fabric and my pink asshole to prepare you for the load I am about to fill them with. I want you to use all of it! 

I turn around and push out a few big firm turds into the panties and they bulge out and then droop stunningly. When I move, the dense, heavy turds cause them to swing in between my legs. You can even see one of the final turds coming out through the leg holes. 

I take them off and show my extremely creamy and wet pussy and my dirty asshole. The shit is dark and beautiful and I instruct you to eat all of it out of my panties and to thank me for it.