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Eating Instructions for My Ass-Rippingly Thick Log
Eating Instructions for My Ass-Rippingly Thick Log

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I've been holding and holding and holding, feeling the pleasure increase as my poop becomes fat and firm inside me. You haven't been fed in a while and I crave using your mouth.

I start off with some instructions. I want you eating shit for me right away and then I will help you along by showing you how I made it. It's going to be a challenge, I can tell from how big it feels inside me but I know you'll do it for me, just like you always have.

Getting into birthing position and spreading my legs wide, I start to push and feel my asshole stretch open. Some hard, small pieces immediately break off before I even have finished opening myself. The log them starts to split once finally free from my tight insides and it is so hard to push out! I writhe and push until it starts to move again, then the rest follows, a thick long turd! Feels really really hot to push out something like this one.

Now that i've done all this hard work for you, the least you can do is eat every last bit, gently clean my sore asshole and then thank me for the privilege.