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First Poop of 2020! BIG Thudding Turds!
First Poop of 2020! BIG Thudding Turds!

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New Year means I'm coming back from Canada where I spend my holidays on a busy schedule of seeing friends and family and a strict diet of cheese, chocolate and Christmas cocktails!

Starting off with something simple, I show off my butt and feet in the classic 'holes and soles' pose and starting to push out a very big VERY unique shit! It's creamy in parts yet HUGELY thick and hard in other parts. The creamy sit has lubed up the big hard turds causing them to shoot out of my stretched asshole and make loud heavy THUDS on the ground. I show the pooping, butt wiggles and toe scrunching again, closer up.

I examine and describe the poop (wearing a glove unfortunately since I had to run off to a work event right after) and pull out all the big hard pieces like mining for gold nuggets in a river of creamy poop!