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GF Doesn't Know Her Asshole Is Filthy
GF Doesn't Know Her Asshole Is Filthy

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I'm your girlfriend and I've been planning and practicing for your anniversary surprise - a sexy strip tease! Featuring my ass especially because I know it's your favourite <3

In the video, you watch me on the phone with my best friend, planning your surprise and telling her my pan while I take a shit in the toilet. I don't mind talking to her while I push and wipe - we ARE best friends after all. You see from the top angle that I barely wipe my ass even though I just took a massive shit and I just pull up my cotton panties anyways.

Then, it's later that night when you've come home and you get a POV angle as you watch me perform a sexy little dance for you. I show you my ass more and more as I peel off my clothes and panties and you are too embarrassed to let me know that my asshole and buttcrack are caked in shit that has dried on over the day!

Or maybe you don't tell me because you like it? I would be horrified if I knew I did such a bad job wiping!

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