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Giant Poopy Panties Bulge while Cassie Avoids the Toilet to Finish Chores
Giant Poopy Panties Bulge while Cassie Avoids the Toilet to Finish Chores

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God I have so much to do and it's stressing me out!! I have to cook and do dishes and clean and even having to eat lunch feels like a chore! I don't have time for this weird stomach problem I'm having. I gotta WORK! tummyache or no, I go around the house in my tight red jeans and geeky t-shirt while I load the dishwasher and make stew to eat.

Farting and gurgles and grumbles in my belly should have been indicators to take a break but instead I end up running to the bathroom, desperate to shit and avoid an accident in my pants. I can barely stand anymore from the stomach cramps and my desperation to shit so I crumple to the floor and try to remove my pants but don't succeed in getting my panties off.

Watch my white cotton panties grow and spread as a huge bulge appears. You are so close to my asshole and feet that you can practically smell it! It is a massive dump, but once it's done, I feel much better. In my relief, I stand and jump and wiggle and swing my panty bulge around a bit before deciding it's BACK TO WORK!

I begin to clean the shower while my panties droop from the heavy shit. I guess i should take these off? When I do you can see that even wiping with the clean side of the panties does nothing to solve the huge mess on my ass! I walk with my dirty poopy ass to the other side of the apartment to get some supplies to pack away the dirty panties to send to a fan, and all the while you get to see my filthy cheek up close.

A little more wiping with toilet paper that you watch from below me and then i gotta go! No more filming, I still have chores to do!