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Goth Feeding a Sub Bitch Piss by Mistress Kamma LaVey
Goth Feeding a Sub Bitch Piss by Mistress Kamma LaVey

Video-Length: 5m 56s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 8176 kbit/s
Video-Format: MPG
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Language: English


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Mistress Kamma is a cruel and stern trans Mistress. She sent you out to service cocks all day at the gloryhole. you'd do anything to please Mistress so you went and obeyed. Servicing cocks all day, without having anything to came crawling back to Mistress Kamma.

Completely covered in cum like the cum dumpster you've become for Mistress, Kamma is all dressed in a sexy goth girl outfit and you're instantly horny again being around her. You're so thirsty and Mistress is going to quench your thirst; but a slut you doesn't deserve water just yet, you're going to drink Mistress' delicious piss all down your mouth. Get on your knees and see Kamma in sexy fishnets and with a glass bowl piss in it right in front of your face. Dirty talking you and telling you how much a cumslut gloryhole bitch you are, she then makes you gulp the piss from the bowl all down. It's recommended to drink an actual glass of piss down while you watch it, you will feel like you are there being a full nasty piss slut for your Mistress.

Having done the task, Mistress isn't all cruel and she gives you a very degrading cum countdown. After you've cum like the bitch you are, you're not allowed to rest just yet, you're sent back on another slut task...

Find out what is in the video and enjoy your gothic sexy Mistress feeding you piss ;]