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Goth Stepsis Shits on Crucifix + the Bible
Goth Stepsis Shits on Crucifix + the Bible

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My stupid step-bro gifted me a bunch of christian stuff for my birthday. Just because I’m goth, he thinks I’m a satan worshipper and I need to be converted. I’ll show him what I think of his birthday present. He’ll think twice about doing this shit again.

First I spit on the bible, then stain it with my lipstick and pussy juice. After rubbing my pussy , I take a HUGE piss all over the pages and take off my socks so my feet can join in on the fun!. Maybe these gifts aren’t so bad? I use the bible to grind my pussy on and fuck the crucifix, shoving the long end up my ass. I'm gonna make little Jesus eat my shitty asshole!

What else can I do with my step-bro's gift? I think I’ll take a huge shit on it! I pull down my panties and drop some turds on the bible and the crucifix, smear shit on the pages and close the book to make a bible shit sandwich!

I bet my step-bro won’t ever get me something like this again!