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Humiliation of a Stepson
Humiliation of a Stepson

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Added on: 18.04.2021
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Race play Fantasy
Stepmom/stepson Fantasy
N word throughout (as per custom script)
Humiliation Fantasy

I’ve called you from your bedroom to help me with some things down in mine… You arrive to see me laid back, cum dripping from my glistening pussy but it’s not your dads… nope it’s your white boy friends cum leaking from me…I would have asked you to please me but you have tiny N micro penis and I can’t do that. Nope. Your little N penis isn’t worthy so you get to lick your buddy’s cum from my tight pussy. While your here take care of some things you’re more apt to do. Massage and lick my dirty feet, watch me rub my pussy and sniff my farts. Use those lips to slurp up someone else’s cum and catch my shit as I push it from my flexing ass. Clean me up and show me one day you might be able to fuck me…or just my shit… watch me orgasm and then run along… get outta here.