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I HATE Wearing Hose! - but LOVE Filling Them
I HATE Wearing Hose! - but LOVE Filling Them

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Dress Codes SUCK. And this one is so out of date and old fashioned. Pantyhose? How stupid, this isn't the 50s. Plus in the winter, the office is so staticky and hot from the heaters and it's miserable wearing these sweaty itchy things!

You know I need to make my stance on these known at work. I need a good excuse to have at least 1 pantyhose-free day! Let my legs and pussy and feet breathe a little! I'm gonna get these things ruined beyond repair.
br> Showing off my feet and legs in the hose lots, I turn so you can see my ass - these hose are very sheer so you can clearly see my pink asshole puckering and getting ready to release the destructive nature of my big shit! I fill them up in a couple different positions and show off how messy my ass got when I peel them off. At least you will get to enjoy these nylons because I sure don't!