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I Like to Taste My Poop
I Like to Taste My Poop

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I am at an adult xxx expo down in Miami and I have to poop. My girlfriend is in the hotel room, but she doesn’t even like anal and has no idea I like scat. I want my ass to be worshiped, so I sit on the side of the toilet. I allow you to see my asshole open up and watch as my shit comes out. I hold my hand to catch my poop. I miss the first turd, but I catch the upcoming turds. I keep one piece of my poop in my hands and then I put it in my mouth. I am sucking, my shit rolling around in my mouth, and tasting my own shit. This had me so turned on that she had no idea how dirty I was being while in the bathroom. Too bad none of my friends that I am with are into scat, but I’m sure someone will get a nice taste of my yummy poop while they kiss me!!