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Lick + Taste with Cassie: Beginner Instructions (Real Demonstrations)
Lick + Taste with Cassie: Beginner Instructions (Real Demonstrations)

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That's right, lucky boy. I'm going to show you many of these steps myself. If I can get my mouth dirty, surely you can too!

Today your goth mistress wants you to practice getting used to the smell and taste of shit, as well as practicing having it in your mouth and the act of swallowing dirty spit, without any chewing or swallowing pieces. This is perfect for beginners or even those with more experience who are looking to enhance their abilities through perfecting their basics.

Together we will dirty our tongues, hold turds in our mouths, suck, lick and sniff. You will also repeatedly swallow the dirty spit in your mouth. It is all mind over matter and while sometimes I just instruct (I dont want to ruin my pretty lipstick) I can swallow brown spit easily. So expect perfect completion of these task or else you won't get to enjoy the reward at the end!

You will see me tease with my feet at the beginning and I will show you my bare ass pushing out a huge shit. You'll be plenty warmed up after that!