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Messy Jeans + Boots Smear (ScatGoddess Bundle 2/4)
Messy Jeans + Boots Smear (ScatGoddess Bundle 2/4)

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After cumming and making a mess in my jeans, I am still horny and need to cum even harder. I’ve been smelling my strong saved shit saved in baggies sitting next to me. Smelling all of my shit is keeping me horny wanting to playing and continue getting filthy with my shit. I start opening and smearing my shit all over my black boots. It feels so naughty piling and smearing the shit making my black boots turn a beautiful shitty brown. I tease my pussy with my vibrator wand and push out more poop in my jeans as I cum wearing my shit covered boots. I feel so sexy now that my outfit looks much hotter covered in my shit. I cum so hard while playing in my boots thinking of walking next to you in public with my shitty jeans and boots!