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MistressK Making Ass Candy Treats for Her Pet
MistressK Making Ass Candy Treats for Her Pet

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My pet, you always eat what I give you and you have been such a good pet. Your Goddess knows you crave her flavor and you cant wait to taste her. Your Goddess also knows that her shit is really the only thing that tastes good to you anymore. However your Goddess still wants to treat you. I have some candy I bought for you today, you lucky little pet. Watch me stick it in my ass and prep it for you. I know you wouldn't want it without my special chocolate coating it. Watch me take all four pieces and prepare them for you and then watch me drop the rest of my chocolate into the bag for you. A good toilet will take all of my shit and since you are such a good pet I know you will not only take all of it but you'll revel in it.