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Mommy Just Left, Now I Can Play
Mommy Just Left, Now I Can Play

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I have missed you so much Daddy! Mommy just left to go to the store, and I need you to watch me poop and cum good! I took off all my clothes so, I am only wearing the cute polka dot panties that you love seeing on your dirty little girl’s ass and feet. I brought in my blue dildo because I am missing your hard cock.

I start fucking my pussy and begin pooping in my panties and all over the bathroom floor. My poop is so thick, creamy, stinky, and full of corn! I am so horny for you Daddy, I pick up the rest of my poop from the floor and put it back into my panties to continue playing getting super dirty just as my Daddy loves seeing his babycakes dirty! I LOVE getting FILTHY for Daddy!

Video closes with still pictures showing Daddy how filthy I got while having fun playing with my poop!