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Naughty Dirty Step-Siblings!
Naughty Dirty Step-Siblings!

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I have caught you, my dirty bro, with a pair of my dirty panties as well as spying on me while I was going to the bathroom. Now, you will need to do as I say, or your little secret will be out of the bag to Mom and Dad! I take off my panties and tell you to start cleaning my panties with up with your mouth. I have been enjoying wearing my panties without wiping my pussy or asshole, knowing that I would make you clean them up! Since I know you have been enjoying smelling and tasting my dirty worn cummy panties, I am going to make my naughty dirty bro worship all that comes out of my sexy body. Since you wanted to spy on me while I was going to the bathroom, you must watch your sexy sis shit. I lay on my side, so you can watch as the poop coming out of my ass. I want my bro to taste my shit. Since this is the first time I making you taste my poop, I begin sucking on my turds teaching you how to properly clean my dirty asshole and eating my hot shit. I love when my bro has my shit in his mouth, it keeps my pussy so wet!