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POV: Inside the Office Toilet - You're Their Slave
POV: Inside the Office Toilet - You're Their Slave

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You felt so lucky when you got this job - you thought you were a little under qualified and stumbled over your words in the interview with the beautiful, intimidating woman who will be your boss now. The truth comes out now. It was all a trick.

You are being led to your real job. You will be the human toilet for the women at this office. The boss thinks it's a great way to build team morale and get out their stress by using you whenever they choose. Plus it's eco friendly! And they found you through your kink online. No matter how you complain and cry to be released, they can just say that this was your fantasy and you should be grateful.

You look up through the toilet bowl and see me humiliating you. I even show off my high heels while stomping on your head and I use a special compartment to fuck you with a huge dildo. I feel so much better now!

Finally, I sit down and take a big shit all over you, wiping and telling you to smear and eat it. You're so disgusting!