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ScatGoddess' Crazy Pantyhose Shit Day
ScatGoddess' Crazy Pantyhose Shit Day

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I feel the urge to go to the bathroom, so I poop in my porcelain potty. I save the creamy turds to play later since I can't play right now.

Within an hour, I had to go to the bathroom two more times, but it was much looser than the first. After pooping three times, my pussy is so wet and horny waiting to get filthy. I put a pair of toeless nude pantyhose on because I want to feel all silky and get covered with my shit. Once I have my pantyhose on, I feel my tummy rumble and poop more in my silky pantyhose. I smear my shit on my pantyhose and body getting myself nice and dirty.

I pull down my pantyhose, and finger my shitty pussy. I feel so sexy and turned on covered with my sexy shit. I want you to fuck my shitty ass and pussy. I need to taste you cum and my shit together. Fuck your filthy Scat Goddess and cum hard for my sexy ass