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ScatGoddess Poops and Eats it While Smoking Outside
ScatGoddess Poops and Eats it While Smoking Outside

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I put on a jacket and go outside to smoke a cigarette, and suddenly get the urge to poop.

I pull down my exercise pants, panty and poop right on the ground. I wish you were here to share my poop with me right now. I pull up my pants, and pick up my big turd and start licking my shit. I begin tasting and eating my shit thinking of your hard your cock.

I suck on my shit thinking it was your cock, and then begin gobbling it all in my mouth like your good filthy girl. I want your cock rock hard watching me eating my shit. I cum so hard eating and swallowing my shit outside while not even touching myself! I love when you cum to my dirty ass. I lick my lips, giggle as I walk away thinking about you getting off hard to my filthy ass!