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Poopy Panty for Hungry Toilet
Poopy Panty for Hungry Toilet

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I have been horny while wearing my stained VS PINK panty covered with cute Scotties. I can feel the dried pieces of poop in the crotch along and smell my dirty panties through my black jeans as I walk to pick up some dinner. I want you to see how dirty my panties are and watch me pee since I have been holding back. I pull up my panties and let the material soak up the juices on my pussy and ass. I’m still wearing my dirty panties while shopping the following day and get the urge to poop. I stop and head to the bathroom, I am going to make my panties much dirtier for you! I poop in my panties pushing out firm turds and lots of pee soaking the stained panty crotch. I wish I could feed you my shit right now! I lick, taste, and fill up my mouth with my hot shit. I chew and suck on my hot poop and then spit it out into my panty. Since you can't be fed from my asshole right now, you will now have my poopy panty to eat from and get filthy with!​