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Soaking and Filling Jeans with Piss + Shit
Soaking and Filling Jeans with Piss + Shit

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I love these jeans and have had them for a while but they’re getting old and stiff and I want new ones!

Anyone who knows me here knows that when I get an itch to go shopping for new stuff, that means I’m giving a big explosive sendoff to my old stuff!

A light lavender purple pair of cotton panties and my old favourite jeans are getting soaked in my piss and filled with 4 DAYS WORTH OF SHIT ;P

I’ve been holding everything in so you can see the warm wet dark spots spread on my jeans and see the thick, stinky, clay textured shit fill everything up. I pull down the jeans to show you the bulge during parts and smush it around. At the end I pull everything off and show you the brown stains on the panties and jeans and the squished mess inside. All over my ass too!