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Sucking and Swallowing My Own Shit!
Sucking and Swallowing My Own Shit!

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I’m feeling extremely horny today, and I want to really push my limits. I’m going to taste, and eat, my own shit! I start off laying naked on my side. I talk about how good it feels to hold it in, but I can’t hold it in forever. Watch my asshole stretch open as I slowly begin to push out the turd. It starts with a small, hard piece. Then it becomes more satisfying as I push out several softer pieces of poop. I change to a squat position to finish peeing, and push out the last soft, creamy poops. I stick one finger up my filthy asshole, pull it out smeared in shit to the knuckle and eagerly taste it. I take a good look at all the poop I’ve just made, deciding which pieces I want to play with! I sit on the toilet, pick up that first hard turd and lick it to see how it tastes, then I hold it under my nose to enjoy the smell. Next I put the turd in my mouth and suck on it like a ball-gag. I love being so filthy, and I can’t wait to go further! I pick up two softer turds, smush them together into one big piece of poop. I lick it and suck on it, savouring the deliciously naughty taste. I put the turd back down and early suck my own shit off my finger. Then I pick out a small piece to go all the way with. I put it in my mouth and open wide so you can see my shit on my tongue. I suck on it, then sit back, take a deep breath and swallow it whole! It even makes me gag a little bit as it slides down my throat. I open wide and stick my tongue out to prove that I ate my poop, then I pick up another little piece and tease my pussy while smelling my own shit. I rub my pussy more vigorously as my excitement increased, then orgasm while holding the piece of shit on my tongue so I can taste it. Now it’s time to clean up. I’m going out for lunch, but I’m going to leave my lipstick on so I can keep the taste as a reminder of my filthy, depraved scat playtime :p
Tags: Pee, EFRO, Shit Eating