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Tasting My Sweet Poop Balls
Tasting My Sweet Poop Balls

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While I am shopping, I get the urge to go to the bathroom. I am horny while walking to the toilet. It felt so good releasing a nice stream of pee. I push out some firm poop balls, and I have to use my fingers to help get the poop out of my asshole. I can’t wait to taste my poop now because my shit tastes the sweetest when it’s firm! I scoop up my turds out of the toilet and began licking before putting them into my mouth getting a nice taste. My firm poop balls taste so sweet and yummy. I spit my firm turds into a ziploc bag to save them to play with later. I leave the bathroom still tasting my poop and carrying inside my purse. I had a nice horny scat break at the store in the middle of the day that I very much needed.