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Varsity Poos: Used as a Toilet by the Whole Team! POV
Varsity Poos: Used as a Toilet by the Whole Team! POV

Video-Length: 12m 50s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
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This is the greatest nightmare for some, and the deepest fantasy for others! Captured and used by a whole college house of girls - farted and pooped on for their amusement.

In this video, I use a couple different older clips and a couple exclusive clips of me pooping up close to create the effect of being tied down and pooped on by many different girls. You are used by the team captain as well as the team, her housemates and all the freshman she's initiating too! She even shares everything that is happening with a discord containing all the women's sports teams in the whole university! The party is not one you'll ever forget - assuming they ever get bored enough to let you free!

You see scenes on the girls planning the capture as well as lots of taunting done by team captain Cassie before she takes the honour of first poop. She is a total sadistic hottie and you are just her temporary plaything. That's what you get for revealing your kink on tinder!