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2 CLOSE-UP Cassie Toilet Poops (loud crackles!)
2 CLOSE-UP Cassie Toilet Poops (loud crackles!)

Video-Length: 4m 6s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
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These were some quick little close - up poops that I just barely got to film. I knew they were gonna make some great crackle and pop sounds coming out so i caught all that sexy audio. You can also see the poops come out and my asshole stretch open like you are only an inch from my ass. One poop is firmer and comes out in turds and the next is softer, like a firm turd followed by a super thick milkshake.

I show the toilet bowls full of my delicious shit after too don't worry! Enjoy the sights and sounds of this full sensory experience.