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2 Peaceful Toilet Pooping Trips
2 Peaceful Toilet Pooping Trips

Video-Length: 6m 18s
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I'm off to poop and sometimes simple is best :) Lately I've been filming myself pooping while I have a meeting that I have to listen to on Zoom playing loudly in the background. What can I say? I'm a workaholic who loves to multitask and I wanna retire from my boring day job in my thrities so I can just poop and have fun ;) That does mean I muted out all the sound for these, but you can still see my body language, expressions and of course, the poop turtling from my asshole while I shit it into the toilet! Watch for lots of messy wiping too where I show off the dirty toilet paper to the camera. I tried wiping with plastic wrap too for something interesting but it wasn't as cool as I thought haha.