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You Need All My Hot Poop
You Need All My Hot Poop

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I have been traveling for over eight hours, and I need to go to the bathroom. I haven’t pooped in several days. I had to stop about ten minutes from my mum's house to get some relief since I could not hold back any longer. My pussy stays so wet knowing you think about everything that comes from my body. I want you to smell, taste, and feel my ass chocolate, so I poop right in my hand. I lick my dirty fingers in the bathroom and I take my big poop home to my mum’s house. I keep my poop in my old bedroom that I grew up in, but I need to give you the rest of my poop that is still in my ass. I push out the rest of my poop and pee in my mum’s toilet and save for you because you need all of my hot poop! I love having you wait to watch my yummy poop out and cum hard for me!