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A Big Nasty Shit Right Onto Your Face
A Big Nasty Shit Right Onto Your Face

Video-Length: 38s
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Added on: 30.04.2021
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You’ve been so naughty lately - always trying to sneak into my bathroom, peek at me while I shit. Well, if you want it so badly, why don’t you come here and be my dirty little toilet?

My naked ass comes into view, inches from your face as I squat over you - you feel the smelly wafts of air as my asshole starts to push out, my wet pussy dripping down onto you. Suddenly, a huge, thick turd stretches my hole - chunky, fully formed, it just keeps on coming as it starts to drop onto your face, smothering you in my nasty shit. It finally ends, as I breathe heavily, finally relieved, then take the camera to give you a close up of the mound of thick, warm poop, taking in every detail. I bet you’ll think twice before trying to spy on me again, won’t you?