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Cassie's BIG Gassy Colourful Dump
Cassie's BIG Gassy Colourful Dump

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I start off showing you some of my food - a big bowl of rice and cabbage and beets! This is gonna have some interesting dine and dump results, I just KNOW it!

I get in birthing position and pull my arched feet and tight asshole and wet pussy right up close to blast stinky cabbage farts RIGHT in your face! Next up, a huge poop! It spurts and crackles on the way out, it's full of cabbage gas too. Then I take a big beautiful squirting piss right at the camera and it makes my pussy and asshole shiny and wet.

This video gives a wider shot of the pooping and also a big close up as well :)

I also give a close look at that poop! I thought it'd be red from the beets, but only parts were, most of it is actually quite green! Nature is a mystery, guys, what can i say!