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Eat, Fart, Sniff, Dump, Taste + Dump AGIAN!
Eat, Fart, Sniff, Dump, Taste + Dump AGIAN!

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Some foods give me loud, stinky gas and smelly shit. Do you want to see what I eat to produce the loudest, smelliest farts you're going to love? How about some thick, stinky turds? I start my morning with a plateful of blueberries which really does a number on my bowels. Watch what I eat throughout the day. It's a combination of fruits, veggies, and even cauliflower pizza. Then, watch it all come out in smelly turds.

I get on the floor later that day and while arching my back, I start pushing. You see my butthole wants to open but there's a firm hard turd stuck in there! I then go into squatting position & now my asshole is opening even more easily. As soon as I start pushing, poop is coming out while my pussy is getting creamier. I show off these cute, firm turds and compare the smell to my farts. I see the food in the shit and it makes me hungry again...

I then start to play with my poop with my fingers. Put some in my mouth while softly speaking to you and enjoying the flavours. This poop is fun but too small to satisfy me completely. I need some coffee to get it all out.

After some sips of a lovely foamy coffee, I'm ready to push out the rest and there's TONS more to come! Showing off my huge round booty and my gracefully arched back, I push out a HUGE cock-shaped turd that I marvel over and sniff deeply, appreciating my hard work.