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Cassie's Huge, Mushy, Double-Loaded Diaper Mess
Cassie's Huge, Mushy, Double-Loaded Diaper Mess

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Cassie is topless & wears jeans. She asks you if you think her jeans are tight on her body. She makes you wonder if it's because her ass got juicier, fatter. You can't help but wonder what is it cause you definitely notice a difference. Cassie doesn't make you wait too long and show what she's been hiding. She wears a nice diaper just for you.

She then ask you what do you think of her ass wearing this & teases you by showing her ass up close. She keep teasing you by saying the smell of fresh brand new diaper won't last long with a girl as dirty & naughty as her.

Then this is where it gets more interesting. You can hear her moaning as she pushes to fill her diaper up. She takes her hand and push against the diaper so she make sure her ass is dirty as hell. She removes the diaper, shows you the mess she made.

After a few days of holding in an even bigger second poop, she puts it back on again to get it even fuller! She'll even sit directly on the floor to make the mess even messier. Even the floor itself wasn't spared at the end of the day with smears all over it from the diaper overflowing out of every angle, even up her back!

Video obviously ends with Cassie showing you a close-up of the mess she just made, proud of her work