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Pooping in my White Panty for Daddy
Pooping in my White Panty for Daddy

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I just woke up having to poop and I am thinking of you, Daddy. I am wearing my white cotton panty and I want to poop on them for you. I turn around, shit is already pushing out in my panty. I spread my ass, so you can see how creamy and messy my poop is. Then I remove my full panty. I lay on my side, so you can see my naked body and my dirty butt! I am so horny, and I want to please you, Daddy, by getting dirty with my poop. I massage my dirty asshole with my fingers like you have taught me. It feels so good! I tease my ass until I have to lay back and need to have my fingers in my pussy too. I cum hard playing with both my dirty ass and wet pussy. I miss you Daddy! Cum hard while I get filthy for you!