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Cassie's Stinky Shit Gets Baked Into Bread
Cassie's Stinky Shit Gets Baked Into Bread

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I was so happy when you told me that your favorite treat was banana bread – I’ve been holding in a big, stinky shit for 2 days and I just knew it was meant to make my special banana shitcake!

The first ingredient is the most important – I tilt my ass and spread my legs to give you a full view of my dirty asshole as it opens and pushes out a huge, thick shit – not too hard but not too soft. The smell of my ripe turd instantly fills the room, and my dripping pussy adds some nasty pussy juice to your pan. I mix in a ripe, fresh banana and some eggs – teasing apart my chunky shit with a fork, breaking it all into bite-sized pieces in every single mouthful. I add the flour and sugar, mixing it all together – showing you the brown, smelly, gooey mass of shit, pussy cream and delicious bread. After putting the final banana as a topping, I cook it – I just can’t help but talk about how I love the smell of my own dirty poop baking in the oven, filling my kitchen!

You get a close up look at the loaf when it comes out of the oven – caramelized, glazed, light brown – just imagine how good, how strong it’s going to taste and smell, my scent filling your nose as you bite into a chunk of my delicious cooked poo. Anyone want seconds?