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Constipated Goth Girl Poop Pop Instructions
Constipated Goth Girl Poop Pop Instructions

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Lord I've been so constipated and it's making me mean. I've got my black boots on and dark lipstick and I'm ready to use you, my little plaything. You're not good for much but at least I can make you eat my shit to entertain me.

I suck on the lollipops and get lipstick all over the sticks while telling you how i want you to sniff, suck and swallow. My asshole is slowly opening the whole time. I even push back on the hard turd inside me with the cute little lollipop. Follow my instructions while you watch me push out this very firm shit.

After I poop, I show myself coating the pops in the clay textured dump. I love how horny this makes you.

Warning: it's that time of month but if you like goth girls, you better not turn up your nose at a little vampire pussy!