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Fetish Maids Mails a Sweet Treat: Kamma LaVey
Fetish Maids Mails a Sweet Treat: Kamma LaVey

Video-Length: 4m 51s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
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Sexy kitchen sissy bitch Kamma is lounging about in her cute french maid outfit. Relaxing and talking to her fans on her computer and phone, you see her in cute white stockings and a wetlook maid outfit. Plenty of full body shots and you get to see her feet in the white stocking in black high heels as well as some of her cock. You can't resist anymore and you need to have your very own taste of her chocolate. Having placed your order, Kamma acknowledges you with a smile and stands up showing her sexy squats ass in pink panties. She then takes a very nasty huge load into a small plastic bag that she then puts fresh into a black shipping mailer. You'll love seeing her ass prepare that sexy load for you and you'll be craving it in your mouth BADLY when you watch this video!