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Giantess Poops out Villagers + Farts out Their Dynamite~!
Giantess Poops out Villagers + Farts out Their Dynamite~!

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These little villagers are up to no good and I can tell! The last thing I need is this annoyance when I'm already constipated. life as a giantess is hard!

After straining on the toilet all morning, I notice the villagers running around while I lounge with my bloated belly on the couch. I pick one up and see that he's holding a little stick of TNT! I think they've been crawling up my asshole while I'm on the toilet and putting the explosives inside me. Oh no!

I smash the man and run to the toilet to push it all out before it blows up. I push and out comes some mushy shit which you see up close from the back. I think i got it all out....but after wiping and pulling up my undies i feel an awful spicy tummyache and let out a big hot fart! youch! my butthole! I guess there was one left ;P