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Hiding DESPERATE Poop from Plumber - but he liked it???
Hiding DESPERATE Poop from Plumber - but he liked it???

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Somehow it's always Cassie's toilet getting 'broken' isn't it? ;)

The plumber is over and I'm squirmy and desperate so I'm asking him if I can please use the toilet. He says i can only pee because it's still broken. This is so embarrassing! I go in and sit on the toilet and try to pee quietly because I know he's waiting right outside. I'm so embarrassed! I even accidentally fart loudly and it's so smelly I try to wave it away to hide the evidence. I don't think I can hold it, oh NO!

I start to poop! what am i gonna do?? I cant hide it! I look in the toilet and it's huge!! and so stinky! I'm panicking and the plumber keeps asking if everything is alright through the door with my responses getting less convincing each time. I pull the poop out of the toilet, sniff and maybe think I can put it in the trashand sneak the can out? but is it too smelly? That's when he catches me sniffing it.

See where we go from there! hint hint - it's a turd handjob and cum countdown ;)