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HUGE, Quivering, Close-up GREEN Shit
HUGE, Quivering, Close-up GREEN Shit

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I was desperate to shit - I'd been holding in a big one for a while. But, as anyone who lives with others knows, as soon as I announce I have to shit, my partner says they're going to pee first so I don't stink up the place before them :/ rude! I'm on my period too which means I've been constipated and now REALLY GOTTA GO! 

So I'm squirming and holding and once I have the chance finally, I rush in, drop my panties and put down a mat so I can get this thing out of me! 

I get down quickly into birthing position - since this sure is going to FEEL like pushing out a baby! I push and out comes log after logs of thick GREEN shit. It feels amazing and is such a relief to have it out. 

The green shit, from all the matcha tea I've been drinking, smells very strong and looked incredible coming out, so I show a close up replay of the whole thing - from my asshole first stretching to the final, creamy plop. 

My asshole got very messy from the shit rubbing against me as it fell so I wipe for you and show off the messy paper - even the mat gets smeared just from me sitting down! 

Do you think someone eating this will also get antioxidant and nutritional benefits? :o