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I Want MY Shit Worshiped
I Want MY Shit Worshiped

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Added on: 14.11.2020
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I want my shit worshiped! I can feel that my ass is so full! I sit down on my bathroom floor in only a tight pink top. My legs are wide open, so you get a nice view of my pussy, I want you to worship my pussy and my ass, and all that I create. I am already so excited, I rub my pussy with my fingers as I begin to shit. My pussy gets so wet as I am going poop!! My pussy feels so good as I finger myself, and push out the rest of my poop….If you watch me put this shit in my mouth, chew it up, and spit it out then check out the next part to enjoy as I enjoy the taste of my own shit! Next video: “Chewing up my shit for you”