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Liquid Shit on Hubby's Friend's Car #2
Liquid Shit on Hubby's Friend's Car #2

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My tummy feels a little messed up, but I still feel horny. It feels like my shit is going to be loose. I go outside and the weather is beautiful. I look in the yard, and see that hubby’s best friend’s white car is still parked there. I had so much fun making a mess of his friend’s car the other day, I want to release more of my loose shit on the car hood. I climb up on the car, then pull down my panties. I spread my cheeks allowing my poop and pee squirt out. My tummy feels better now that I shit on my husband’s best friend’s car for the second time now. Now my pussy is going to get wet every time I see his friend driving his white car. I wonder if I can shit on the car some more before the friend comes back for his car.