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Long, Thick Poop Baked into your Banana Bread
Long, Thick Poop Baked into your Banana Bread

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It’s my absolute favorite thing to cook for you, and I know how much you adore my secret ingredient - my warm, stinky, mushy poop. I’ve been holding my poo in for days now, to give you the smelliest, chunkiest shit possible and it’s finally ready for your favorite treat - banana bread!

I take you into my bathroom and pull down my white panties, squatting and spreading my legs in front of you to give you a clear view of my wide open pussy, asshole, and my cute feet. I push a huge, thick poo out into the baking pan - one big log, more than enough to feast on. I show it off to you as I squat, a little piece of it still hanging out of my asshole - it feels so nice!

Then we go to the kitchen - where I dig into my thick poo with a fork, mixing it with egg and flour to make your tasty treat. It makes such a stink, but I know that’s one of your favorite things! I’m so excited for you to try it - I know you’ll love the little chunks of my hot shit spread throughout!