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MESSY PANTYPOOP and Instructions in Vintage Cut Satin
MESSY PANTYPOOP and Instructions in Vintage Cut Satin

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Cassie got your order for brownies but knows you’re just the type to get addicted and addicted fast!! She’s not messing around with that request so instead she’s making sure you get more shit, raw and pure, straight from her perfect ass ;P

I take a really big hot messy shit in these vintage-cut silver satin high-waisted panties and squish them around once filled then take them off and use the silky fabric to wipe the thick caked on shit from my ass. I bend over and show you the mess that covers my asshole, cheeks and pussy, as well as streaks down my thighs.

BONUS! I know you want more shit you greedy pig ;D So I’m sure to fill another vacuum bag for you and ship it with the panties so you never go hungry for my bitter-sweet rich chocolate! There’s a whole separate efro clip of this at the end <3