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MistressK Makes A Treat for Shit Slave
MistressK Makes A Treat for Shit Slave

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You have been such a good shit slave. You have eaten every little bit I have made you. This is very good, your Goddess works many hours to make you treats from her body and you have been so good eating them. I think it's time to reward you with a treat. I want to give you a special treat. An extra "chocolate" candy bar. I know it's your favorite kind and I know my special chocolate will make this extra special for you. After all, what is food if it isn't covered in your Goddess' shit. Hopefully, you never have to know again. So here is a treat for you. I'm sending it to you since you aren't here to eat it fresh. But don't worry, your Goddess knows her chocolate will taste good to you at any time. Eat up, my good shit slave.