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MistressK Makes You A Toilet Slave Cookie Sandwich
MistressK Makes You A Toilet Slave Cookie Sandwich

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I know you are craving me, I know that normal food just doesn't have the same appeal it used to. Get on your knees toilet slave. I have been preparing your meal for you, my body is perfect and the shit that comes out of it is better than anything you could ever hope for. Come and kneel before me while I prepare you this shit sandwich. If it isn't enough your Mistress has also given you a little snack for in between. A twizzler covered in your Mistress' shit is more than you deserve but your Mistress doesn't want you to go hungry. Food not coated in my juices and in my delicious shit is wasted on you. This will be your only food today. This will be the only food you crave... this will be your addiction.