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My Bro Needs My Preggo Shit
My Bro Needs My Preggo Shit

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I am nine months pregnant, and I want my dirty bro to worship my sexy big belly, swollen breasts, and my especially my preggo shit! I always love teasing you with my hot, bigger body. I go to the bathroom and remove the pink anal plug that's been filling my asshole for the last three hours. I know that you have been spying on me, so now my naughty bro will enjoying watching as I remove all the shit from my big ass with my fingers. As I am trying to get all of my poop out, I make a mess, pissing everywhere! I collect all of my firm, prego poop balls, and I show you the handful of turds. Since you like watching me go to the bathroom, and spying on your pregnant sis, I want you to eat all of my preggo hot turds from my dirty ass. I know you want to keep me happy, so I don't tell Mom & Dad our little secret.