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Painting with a Fresh, Creamy Pile of Poo
Painting with a Fresh, Creamy Pile of Poo

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Added on: 30.06.2020
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Sometimes, the best thing about taking a nice, big, hot shit is being able to play with it afterwards – feeling it mush around in my hands as my pussy drips, trying to find little bits of food in it, getting absorbed In the smell.

Come watch as I caress, smush, and stroke my fresh, mushy, stinky poop with my dirty fingers – picking it up, squeezing it, feeling for the chunky parts as I get hornier and hornier. Listen to me telling you about how much I love playing with it, feeling it smear around in my hands as I search for fun pieces in the creamy shit, writing “I <3 shit” on the pad, leaving a trail of shitty fingerprints and pussy juice on the white pad – if only you were here to help me explore it all!"