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Poo Chocolate Cake with Sexy Eating Encouragement
Poo Chocolate Cake with Sexy Eating Encouragement

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No oven in the new apartment so I've got the brilliant idea to make microwave chocolate mug cakes with my special ingredient. I've got my poo, a great big mug and I'm ready to go! Good thing I have you as my guinea pig to try it out for me!

I make the cake, showing the shit I used which was from the Birthday POV video (linked here). Once it's ready, I show it steaming and fluffy and dark with melted chocolate chips and a very earthy, chocolatey-shit smell. Yum!

I proceed to give you sexy eating encouragement and instructions so you can get it all eaten for me and chase it with a cold glass of milk! If you manage to follow the instructions you are rewarded with a cum countdown.