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Poop, Piss + Spit Baked into Brownies
Poop, Piss + Spit Baked into Brownies

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I start off by standing up above you and showing off my ass and legs while I spread my cheeks and push out a thick log of poop onto the floor. Then I squat and top it off with a little more so it's the perfect amount for my chocolate fudgey brownie recipe.

After putting the shit into a pan, I mix in the dry ingredients, eggs, chocolate sauce and of course a cup of piss! I pull up my skirt right there as I mix and fill a glass with my piss and pour it in! The smell of chocolate and poop is such a huge turn on for me that my water starts watering and I decide to add my spit to the batter <3

As I stir and make sure there are enough chunks and enough smooth batter for every bite to be perfect - I give instructions on how I want you to smell and eat the finished brownies and how I wish you were here to lick the extra brown sludge off my fork!

Once it's all baked and vacuum sealed to stay fresh, I ship it to you! If you'd like some brownies like these shipped to you, message me!